(which appeared in May 2006). Pierre Philippot, Psychological Sciences Research Institute, University of Louvain (UCL) is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Louvain (UCL)and a director of the Laboratory for Experimental Psychopathology (LEP). Electronic mail may be sent via Internet to Pierre.Philippot@psp.ucl.ac.be. Ceux-ci allouent une place … Pierre Philippot University of Louvain, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium Using emotional film clips is one of the most popular and effective methods of emotion elicitation. Teaching. FaceTales is being developed by Pierre Philippot (University of Louvain, Belgium) and Mike Power (University of Edinburg, United Kingdom), with the technical support of Pierre Mahau (University of Louvain). Clinical Psychology (Master level course) pierre.philippot@psp.ucl.ac.be. It is based on the facial expression stimuli set developed by Beaupré and Hess (2005). Correspondence regarding this chapter should be addressed to Pierre Philippot,whoisatFaculte´ dePsychologie,Universite´ deLouvain,place du Cardinal Mercier, 10, B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgique. Susann Heenen-Wolff, Pierre Philippot, Nady Van Broeck. ECRI1502 This document is based on the first chapter of Philippot (2007). Informations générales 5 2. Michel Ylieff (ULg) FaceTales is now on the web ! Domaines de recherche 11 ... UCL as a professor of clinical psychology in September 2011, he was lecturer of cognitive psychopathology at the University of Geneva, and clinical psychologist at Attentional biases in the processing of threatening facial expressions in social anxiety are well documented. In collaboration with Filip Raes (University of Leuven - KUL), Ismay Kremers (Leiden University), and Pierre Philippot (University of Louvain - UCL) I edited a double Special Issue on Autobiographical Memory Specificity and Psychopathology for Cognition and Emotion. Prof. Pierre Philippot (UCL) Dr. Yves Simon (ULB) Prof. Jacques Van Rillaer (ULB – UCL) Prof. Hono. Alexandre Heeren2 Pierre Philippot Université catholique de Université catholique de Louvain (Belgique) Louvain (Belgique) ette dernière décennie, d’importants changements sont survenus dans l’univers de la psychothérapie. 2 2 Abstract The present study investigates the emotional determinants of the phenomenal characteristics of autobiographical memories. I am teaching or co-teaching several courses in the second and third cicles of the university degrees for psychology. diploma holders in Economic, Social and Political Sciences ("candidats", "licenciés" or doctors) PSY1407: Eléments de psychologie clinique[30h] (5 credits) (in French) Susann Heenen-Wolff, Pierre Philippot, Nady Van Broeck. Pierre Philippot President of IPSY . It is generally assumed that these attentional biases originate in an evaluative bias: socially threatening information would be evaluated more negatively by socially anxious individuals. FaceTales is a training program to improve facial expression decoding skills. Following this reading, if you wish to know more about emotion in general, we recommend you the book by Paula Niedenthal, Silvia Krauth-Gruber and François Ric (2008), which has been published in French and in English. The main goal of the present study was to develop and test the effectiveness of a new and comprehensive set of emotional film excerpts. Table des matières Préface 1 1.

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