Grotti di Castellana is so rainbowand jaw dropping – it had to go on my bucket list. Would I advise against this destination? If you like nature, hiking and cycling then you should definitely plan a day trip or at least stop at Foresta Umbra. Lecce is a great base for young and old to explore more of Salento. It’s a slightly larger city with a modern and historical area. I know, it’s not the first choice when people travel to Italy, but it’s so worth it. Then, how about a road trip in Central Greece to discover some of the country’s best places to visit? Visit the Roman amphitheater and admire the beautiful Sante Croce basilica, explore the historical part of the city and, above all, enjoy the delights of this beautiful town. A lot of money. The 7th day of your road trip in Greece will now take you to Delphi. Great article! The road trip ride from Kazbegi to Borjomi is a long one as it takes nearly four to five hours of driving without any pit stops on the way. You will also find a list of the best places to stay for every city. There are so many beautiful shades of blue in those waters!!! Alors, pour changer, j’ai fait ma méga roots sur ce road trip en Écosse ^^. It goes without saying that this village attracts a lot of tourists during the high season. Even to only admire the beautiful view from the terrace of the Belvedere di Manfredi bar. Before admiring the trulli, we decided to visit the Grotti di Castellana. We had 2 weeks to discover Puglia. Road Triple Feature 2020. During this 6, 7 or 8 days road trip in Greece, you will discover Peloponnese‘s most famous cities and archaeological sites: Athens, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Nafplio, Monemvasia, Mystras, Olympia and Delphi. We passed here on the way to Lecce. Be sure to book a table in advance if you would like to have diner there. If you want to plan your trip to Rhodes, you should read my article: Visit Rhodes: the definitive guide. This is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in Europe and is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Since Puglia has a Mediterranean climate, there is little chance of rainfall and a lot of sun during this period. Ce chemin de grande randonnée, inauguré en 1900, traverse toute la région du Nord au Sud sur près de 285 km. It’s nice to get lost in the maze of small streets with white houses. With this winter road trip guide from Enterprise, you'll be prepared to face any hazard that comes your way this winter (except avoiding your Aunt Totsie at Thanksgiving - we can't help with that.) 3rd day: Visit the archaeological sites of Mycenae and Epidaurus and spend the night in Nafplio. Car Rentals; Airport Transfers; Tours & Tickets; Attractions; Rewards; Deals; Competitive Pricing. What are the best places to see in Rhodes? Thank you Cheslsea. Peschici is a very small, but cozy town with a harbor. Determined to impress Wendy and in denial of his brother’s condition, T doubles down on his studies, only to be … We decided to go for diner in Otranto and visit the city in the evening. Planning a road trip in the current pandemic poses considerable risks and hence requires mindful preparations. Valle D’Itria is best known for its beautiful ancient trulli. This bay is located at the beautiful Hotel Baia Delle Zagare, a must for people who absolutely don’t like camping out, but still want to stay in this beautiful region. Here is a brief summary of this itinerary: During your 21 days road trip in Greece, you will have 8 days to discover the best of Peloponnese and Central Greece. Lecce the perfect destination for family trave. There, you will discover the remains of the Temple of Apollo and the Theatre and enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley and the surrounding mountains. Rentalcars also offers the “Best Price Warranty”: if you find the same car cheaper elsewhere, they will refund you the difference. You’re spending 10 days in Greece? The road to Locorotondo was beautiful, we drove through the real Italian countryside and through the narrowest streets with the most beautiful, authentic trulli on either side. Allianz Milano - 7 November 2020. Day 1 and 2: Get around Athens on foot. We found the nicest shops and went  souvenir shopping right away. check the 10 best Greece tours by clicking the button below: You’re traveling to Greece ? Completely captivated by this town, we got lost and it was not easy to find a way out of the maze. Hotels; Flights; Trains; Cars. Avec les reportages du guide du routard, découvrez en photo le monde avec un regard de routard. Day 9: From Kalambaka, follow the narrow road to the Meteora to discover the 6 monasteries built on top of huge rocks. Road trip à Oman par soi-même ou via une agence ? All my articles about Greece (click here). 25. I have always wanted to go to Puglia! Do not forget a sweater, because it’s fairly cold so deep underground. Another must do is the local market with local products, which is located in the modern center of Vieste. After a long day exploring the country, you will probably want to get a good night’s sleep (and a hot shower of course! In the morning, you will drive for 3h15 to reach Delphi from Olympia, but don’t worry: time will just fly by, as you will enjoy beautiful landscapes during your journey! Polignano a Mare is a medieval town built on a steep cliff. This UNESCO World Heritage site was well restored and is the perfect place for a nice stroll. You will find here a list of all the best places to stay in Greece, for each city you will visit during your road trip. Day 16, 17 and 18: Take the ferry to reach Amorgos, the perfect island for hiking lovers. Tous les voyages moto au meilleur prix et en direct avec les meilleures agences de voyage locales spécialisées en road-trip moto et certifiées par Planet Ride. 22. Viesta comes alive especially at night with its many cozy, local restaurants and bars. It’s best to first stop at an. Day 13, 14 and 15: Start your Cyclades itinerary with the world famous Santorini island. Or better, book a private tour with Get your guide and learn all about what happened in this city in the past. Wander through the centro storica, feast your eyes and enjoy the beautiful architecture and soak up the typical southern Italian atmosphere. Visiting Greece by car is the best way to optimize your itinerary and discover all the must-see attractions of the country. Sur cette page, vous trouverez tous les articles du blog qui racontent ces voyages dans le Golden State depuis 2012.. Cliquez sur les liens sous les images pour lire l’article correspondant. Here is a brief summary of this itinerary: 1) Central Greece and Peloponnese (12 days) For the 1st part of this one-month road trip in Greece, you will spend 12 days in Peloponnese and Central Greece. The best things to do, how to get from one place to the other and the best places to stay during your trip. Trani was a nice change from the small medieval towns in Foggia. Day 15, 16 and 17: The ferry will take you to Naxos . Earn 1,000 base points plus an additional 1,000 bonus points on rentals 4 days or longer at participating locations for rentals through December 31, 2020 . Day 8: In the morning, drive to Delphi. You can find this detailed road trip in my article: The best 14-15 days Greece itinerary, with all my best tips and a list of the best places to stay depending on your budget. From this campsite various hiking trails started where you could reach some of the most beautiful bays. Si, comme nous, vous optez pour le road-trip en van, les parkings aux abords des randonnées feront très bien l’affaire.Le bivouac est généralement toléré si vous arrivez le soir et que vous repartez tôt le matin. That’s what I did, and it’s clearly the best month to visit Greece by car! There, you can visit picturesque villages, take a stroll in Paros Park, and relax at the beach. This would be my ideal road trip. Get lost in the maze of small streets and explore the city with your senses. And if you think you’ve seen it all, you can admire the white cave as icing on the cake. Si vous lisez régulièrement mon blog, vous devriez savoir que pour un road trip à Oman ou pour un voyage ailleurs dans le monde, je préconise souvent d’y aller par soi-même en prenant le temps et le soin de préparer son voyage. Register Sign In. And with a bit of luck you can spot flamingos in the adjacent salt lakes. These cliffs are known to many cliff divers. We arrived in the early evening when most day-trippers already returned home. We especially enjoyed the sun, sea, beach and good food and drinks. If you would like to stay here, I can recommend the following accommodations: Masseria Grieco, Masseria Salinola and La Dimora di Marco. Séjour Cinque Terre. Road Trip Elegies: Montreal to New York is an Audible Original production by Rufus Wainwright, released in November 2020. Sir Safety Conad Perugia - 27 November 2020. All these places look so incredible pretty! At that time Jan and I were together for one year and we planned our first big trip as a couple, a 14 day road trip through Puglia, the southernmost province of Italy. Your email address will not be published. Then, drive to Olympia, and visit the archaeological site and the museum. The beaches of Porto Cesareo are indeed beautiful. Day 1 and 2: Get around Athens on foot. Pinned for later! After 8 days in Central Greece, continue your 3 weeks road trip in Greece and discover 4 islands of the Cyclades archipelago. 1st and 2nd day – the best things to do are: During the next 3 days of your 15 days road trip in Greece, you will discover Peloponnese. You will find every details to plan your 3 days holiday in Greece, depending on where you arrive (Athens, Santorini, Rhodes or Thessaloniki) in my article: Recommended itineraries for 3 days in Greece. To keep it adventurous, we chose to camp at, In baia della Zagare it was significantly busier. Thanks for this Sarah! Take a stroll and relax in Zappeion Park and the National Garden, then reach Syntagma Square. You should rent your car directly at the airport when you will arrive. In the historic center you can walk around without anyone getting in your way. EN. This is the most famous sea cave in Puglia. So happy I could explore this beautiful part of Italy. I especially love the Foresta Umbra, I love getting out into green nature and feeling one with the forest. What makes, My reccomendations for staying in Polignano a Mare are. The best itinerary to visit Greece in 3 weeks. 24 ans Paris You will also find a selection of all the best places to stay in Santorini. From Mattinata we took a few day trips to the surrounding towns and main attractions nearby. After all, some of Puglia’s most impressive sights can be found in this region. So you can see the groups walking through the cave in front and behind you. Now that you’ve seen most of Central Greece, it’s time to continue this 1-month road trip in Greece in the Cyclades archipelago. The people who know Puglia a little, will wonder why Andrano? 13:09. Pour ce premier road-trip en Norvège, nous avons privilégié les fjords de l’Ouest. Thank You for your interest. Besides architecture, you can soak up this deep-rooted Italian culture by observing the daily life of the Puglians. It works for every single scratch on your vehicle. It’s now time to end your 10-day road trip in Greece with the city of Thessaloniki. Stay tuned on new blog posts and subscribe to my newsletter below. HoloLens PC Mobile device Xbox 360 Trailer. If you’re planing to visit the Greek Islands during your road trip in Greece, then you should go there in May / June, or in September / October. You will be amazed with many ooooh and aaaah moments. We rented a car with Avis and were very satisfied with the service. If you’re staying in Rhodes for a few days, you can also do a 1-day trip to discover Symi, another famous island of the Dodecanese archipelago. Linkedin. Was it really hot while you were there? In the center there are local shops located inside these old trulli so you can easily take a look at how a trullo looks like inside. Road trips de 15 jours en voiture aux USA et circuits organisés dans l'ouest des États-Unis et la Californie de 1, 2 ou 3 semaines en camping-car en formule pas cher ou de luxe. Both from the cliff and from below on the pebble beach you have stunning views of the Adriatic sea and the city. And join them on the open road for an American truck tour, featuring 4 new circuits as exciting and colorful as a kid’s imagination. I was really looking forward to this. Travel the world from home with a travel slideshow everyone can enjoy. 4th, 5th and 6th day – Discover Santorini and its best points of interest: For more details about the best things to do in Santorini, you can read my article: Visit Santorini: The definitive guide. I personally didn’t think the village of Porto Cesareo was that spectacular, so I’d rather recommend you to look for a place to stay in or around Gallipoli. Spend the afternoon in Delphi, and visit this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site and its museum. The historic centre of Vieste is super pleasant to walk through. This was our ultimate Puglia road trip. Road Trip en Bolivie Novembre Pérou Bolivie Chili Argentine. Gallipoli the pearl on the Ionian coast, but also known as the Ibiza of Puglia because of the many beach bars and night clubs. Ne faites pas l’erreur de vouloir aller à Séville, Cordoue et Grenade pour une visite en 5 jours. You should visit them in this order: If you want more details about Corinth Canal, Mycenae, Epidaurus and Nafplio, you can read my article: The 15 best things to do in Peloponnese. From Belgium it is best to travel by plane to Puglia. It’s clearly the easiest way to plan your 1-month road trip in Greece! You can also travel by car if you don’t mind driving about 1800 km before you can start your Puglia road trip. We decided to visit Foggia, the most northern province of Puglia, first. I’ll definitely add Puglia on my bucket list. There, you can relax and take a dip at beautiful beaches. Here the Ionian and Adriatic sea come together and you can reach the most beautiful sea caves from a boat. The hike itself was tough because of the hot temperatures, but the view was great. After a night in Trani we made our way to Valle D’Itria, the heart of Puglia. And at the end of this guide, I will also give you my list of the best accommodations in Greece depending on your budget as well as my best tips to enjoy the perfect road trip. Itinéraire 3 jours complet Cinque Terre pour randonnée. A wet and windy winter's day in Los Angeles, and my mind was as crowded as the clouds above the Hollywood sign. Road Trip ... Road Trip. Built on a rocky outcrop, the octagonal castle rises proudly above the horizon and is surrounded by wheat fields, vineyards and olive trees. One day we plan on spending an extended period of time in Italy meeting up with the relatives and I think we are going to be adding many of these places to our list! En direct du Forum ! We decided to walk to the coast from our agriturismo, hoping to take a dip in the water. Road trips are available in May, June, July, August, September and October. Mexico Road Trip Map This custom map of all the road trips in Mexico includes all of the best Mexican road trips, and where you should stop to sightsee and/or stay a night or two. Here you’ll find many spots where you have a fantastic view over the Adriatic sea. Buy the Lonely Planet Greece guide on, Buy the DK Eyewitness Greece guide on, 4-5 days in Greece: recommended itinerary + my best tips, Visit Rhodes: the 12 best things to do and see, 2 weeks in Scotland: The Ultimate 14-15 Days Itinerary + My Best Tips, 10 Days in Scotland: The Ultimate Itinerary + My Best Tips, Visit Malta: Top 27 things to do and best places to visit, Visit Palermo: Top 21 Things to Do and Must-See Attractions, Visit Sicily: Top 20 Things to Do and Must See Attractions, A week in Sicily: Ultimate 6, 7 or 8 days Itinerary + My Best Tips, Visit Taormina: The 13 best Things to Do and See, Visit Geneva: Top 23 Things To Do and Must-See Attractions, Visit Nice: The 15 Best things to do and see, Fira, with its white and blue houses, a typical postcard landscape, The picturesque villages of Pyrgos, Megalochori and Emporio, The Archaeological sites of the Ancient Thera and Akrotiri. Road trip photo album. This forest with its tall beech trees is called the forest of shade, and for good reason. When booking your car, don’t forget to choose a rental company that won’t charge you if you drop off your car at a different location (It’s easy, you can see it directly on And not a tourist in sight, except for us. If you would like to know more about the history of Santa Maria di Leuca, you can book an interesting private tour at get your guide. Behind every corner there is always another surprise. Day 6: Delphi, where the Oracle of Delphi (the Pythia) transmitted Apollo’s directives from Gods to humans. For each duration, I will give you a summary of the itinerary as well as the link to read the detailed itinerary article. The freedom you have to choose your own path and to make up a route along the way. Simply click the button below to compare rental cars prices: If you’ve decided to spend a long weekend in Greece, then you should focus on one city or one of the Greek Islands. Road trip en Italie. Rédaction. Days 9, 10 and 11: You will explore the romantic island of Santorini , see its most famous tourist sites and even do a boat trip. Then drive for 3 hours to reach the hidden village of Monemvasia. How I would have liked to experience the atmosphere here in the evening. This one-week road-trip in Greece takes you to Athens et Santorini. It will also give you the opportunity to choose the car you want. If you are thinking of staying overnight, here are my recommendations:  Palazzo del Corso Boutique Hotel, Palazzo Presta or I Bastioni San Domenico. This because of the beautiful nature and impressive coastline with dazzling bays and impressive rock structures. There, you will enjoy splendid views of Nafplio and the sea. Discover all my articles about Greece: All my articles to help you plan your trip to Greece are listed there. You drive through a wooded area with large Aleppo pine trees. When is the best time to do a road trip in Greece? You should spend around 3 days on each island, to discover all the best places to see. It’s also sometimes called the balcony of Valle D’Itria. I hope I have been able to fuel your wanderlust to discover this beautiful region in southern Italy. The 6th day of this 15 days road trip in Greece takes you to Delphi. It’s the easiest way to plan your trip to Greece! In the city of Trani you can also visit some historical sights such as the beautiful Romanesque Cattedrale di San Nicola Pellegrino and the Castello Svevo, but you can also just enjoy the sea, sun and beach. On your 10th day, it will be time to fly back home! Monopoli also has some attractions such as the beautiful Romanesque Cathedrale di Santa Maria della Madia and the accompanying archaeological museum Museo e Sito Archeologico Cripta Romanica. Worldwide Coverage. Day 18, 19 and 20: The last Greek Island you will visit is Paros. Is a Puglia road trip something for you? Puglia offers a varied landscape of dazzling nature including two beautiful national parks, azure blue bays, the most spectacular sea caves and impressive rock formations. In order to travel as freely as possible, we had not pre-booked stays and had basic camping equipment in our luggage if we felt like camping. Smog to Solar. During the 9th, 10th and 11th days, you will explore the beautiful romantic island of Santorini. Unfortunately, Trulli Sabrina no longer exists, but here are some recommendations for staying in an authentic trullo near Locorotondo: The most beautiful and authentic trulli can be found in the village of. Tourism has increased significantly during the recent years thanks to the many beautiful photos on various social media channels. Day 12: Drive to Thessaloniki’s Airport, drop off your rental car and fly to Santorini. Twitter. Print. Determined to impress Wendy and in denial of his brother’s condition, T doubles down on his studies, only to be … Again a coastal town with a cozy harbor, a medieval castle and a maze of small streets and little alleys. Voyager en Californie, adopter un mode de vie à la californienne, autrement dit à la cool: ça fait rêver !. Here are my recommendations for a wonderful and authentic overnight stay: the beautiful, If you like nature, hiking and cycling then you should definitely plan a day trip or at least stop at Foresta Umbra. Daredevils can also dive down from the rocks here. In the city, there's no need for a car: everything is accessible on foot or by public transit. 0. Day 10 and 11: Go to Thessaloniki for the 3 next nights. Description. This way we could relax a bit before returning home and also explore the surroundings. For the details, don’t forget to read my definitive guide about the most famous Greek Island: Santorini: The definitive guide. We flew from Brussels to Bari via Alitalia. You should start your itinerary in Santorini and spend 3 days there. Voici de quoi vous aider à choisir votre prochaine destination de road trip en Europe ! Peschici can also be a good base to explore Foggia. Well, since this town is located approximately in the middle between Marina di Leuca and Otranto, we found it the ideal base to explore the southernmost region of Puglia. ). Keep it up! Avant de vous raconter dans le détail tout notre voyage, j’avais envie de partager avec vous mes conseils pour organiser un road-trip en Norvège. Although in some places it was sometimes a matter of choosing what we should or shouldn’t do. Available on. 2019 novembre road trip en camping-car Espagne/Portugal. Enjoy the colors and scents of freshly laundered clothes hanging on the washing wires between the balconies to dry. If you’re spending 1 day in Thessaloniki, here are the best things to do: For more details, don’t forget to read my definitive guide about the city: The 12 best things to do in Thessaloniki. Gallipoli charmed me from the first minute. The "audio-only musical narrative" sees Wainwright recreate a trip from Montreal to New York City that he often took with his late mother, Kate McGarrigle. But it’s best to book online before you travel there. There are 4 points of interest you should see during your 1st day in Peloponnese. And watch the real Italian house mothers make fresh orechiette at their front door. Road trip in Greece: 1 week (Athens + Santorini), Road trip in Greece: 7 days (Athens + Peloponnese), 3) Palamidi Fortress / Monemvasia (1 day), 1) Central Greece and Peloponnese (8 days), 1) Central Greece and Peloponnese (12 days). We walked about 9 km to Baia Delle Zagare, known for the beautiful rock formations that rise from the sea. Où dormir ? A slightly larger coastal city near Polignano a Mare is Monopoli. Hi Ciara, first of all thank you for your lovely comment. Description. When I visited Italy, I was only there for a week, so unfortunately it wasn’t on my list. The city is slightly more compact than the well-known Florence, but this means that everything can be reached on foot. And frankly, the view during the walk was much more spectacular than in the bay itself. Here you’ll also find trendy lounge bars and cozy restaurants. The city with its beautiful 19th century villas, lively harbor and impressive lighthouse is also worth a visit. At getourguide you will find a wide variety of different tours such as a sunset tour and food tour, which are really worthwhile. Day 6: In the morning, visit the Palamidi Fortress (located above Nafplio), then go to the village of Monemvasia. Tous nos conseils pour réaliser le plus bel itinéraire & réussir son road trip en Ecosse de 10 jours à travers les Highlands.Retrouvez sur notre blog voyage, notre budget, conseils, les plus belles étapes & les endroits les plus photogéniques d’Écosse.. Nous l’avons rêvé ce road trip en Ecosse.En novembre, près de 1200 miles de bonheur à traverser les Highlands. Find local inspiration and start planning your next road trip with our simple interactive journey planner. From Belgium it is best to travel by plane to Puglia. Just there, before you enter the historic center of the city, is a village square where the locals meet up to enjoy the sunset together. If you want to eat delicious local fish dishes, we can definitely recommend Ristorante Il Trabucco. Monopoli attracts fewer tourists because it is less known. Required fields are marked *. Novembre marque en … We got lost a few times during our hike, but maybe that’s due to our map reading skills. Our next stop was Andrano. 30 novembre 2020 à 19:09. For your 3rd day, you should visit Athens’ surroundings and choose between these 2 one-day trips: If you want to plan your trip to Athens, you can read my article: Visit Athens: the definitive guide. Smog and stress hovered over us. The Benz Patent-Motorwagen Number 3 of 1888, used by Bertha Benz for the highly publicized first long-distance road trip by automobile (of over 106 km / 60 miles) The world's first recorded long-distance road trip by … EN. En novembre dernier, sur un coup de tête et parce que nous avons trouvé des billets d’avions pas chers, nous sommes partis quelques jours en Haute Corse, du coté de Moltifao entre Bastia et Corte. In the historic center around the harbor you can stroll through the streets with cozy restaurants, bars and local boutiques. Also, save up to 30% on your rental. Of course, then you could also include other beautiful Italian places in your itinerary, such as, You can rent a car from any international airport through various car rental companies. Projet road trip en Nouvelle-Zélande, novembre 2016 Actuellement en australie, je souhaite venir pendant un petit mois en Nouvelle Zélande à partir de début Novembre . Tickets can be obtained at the box office.