It's not only about the change on the social paradigm aligned to the perfum culture, but also the death of all the cultural complexity in the name of the simplism and imediacy of a generation with a short mindset, uncapable of savouring anything else that goes beyond the basic five flavours. This new formula is something else. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. Deplorable. An embrace is replaced by a handshake. Both of us enjoying the fact that it was more of a skin-scent. The Original Dior Homme was launched in 2005, not in 2011. I think this is Demachy's response to Morilla's most recent creations. Gucci managed to at least try something off-kilter and I think it has worked wonderfully for them, why not for Dior as well? I'm just counting down the days until he botches Fahrenheit, and ready to hang it up for good when he does. I am fairly certain that this line wasn't selling well and they have to make money (like every other company to make it), so it's pretty understandable. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. The scene to which I refer is like this: I cannot help but think RP looks as if he's just escaped The Dior counter with a full bladder. Start: Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Elemi Heart: Atlas Cedar, Patchouli, Cashmeran Base: White Musk, Haitian Vetiver, Iso-e-Super. Perfume lovers: 588665 Perhaps Dior Homme 2020 will seem like luck to those who prefer to communicate at a distance. Yes, they still have originals, the question is for how long? I'd settled on Dior Homme Intense as my personal favourite. I’d like to see a Muguet interpreted as a men’s perfume, or maybe a grand retro floral bouquet worthy of a 50’s couture salon with a powdery or slightly dirty layer lurking underneath. And now they do it again, taking the name of a classic and put something unrelated in it and relegate the original to another name at the bottom of the shelf. Loved the passage on the "powdery-metrosexual habits'. I prefer change things over time rather than stick to something for a long. The face of the advertising campaign remains actor Robert Pattinson. The pepper note does not play an auxiliary role here; it captures all of your attention and with its black pyrosine roots sprouts into the cold heart of the fragrance, made of geranium and incense mixed with ambroxan. I’m your man”. Now, all that is worthy of respect in Dior Homme 2020 is the base of the composition and the bottle that follows the shape of its predecessors, with a more prominent logo and name on the cap. The 75ml Parfum … Copyrights © 2006-2020 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. Les iconiques du parfum homme Dior, eau de parfum, eau de toilette et cologne. And a pastel-hued archaeological relic of a bottle by Daniel Arsham perhaps! That is still the best Dior fragrance to me! The new bottle follows the architectural design of its predecessors, with a more prominent logo and perfume name on the plug. I would like to think that this fragrance is the image of the Dior male, who forever changes with time and fashion trends, possible every 10 years Dior will change this fragrance to the new generation trends .....that would be a cool concept. It is a sort of credit. Teddyboy I like your very specific ideas, I was also thinking they desperately need to get Kim Jones involved to direct a more creative and culty line. Elena Vosnaki wrote a very informative Elemi piece, here, all the way back in '12. In the future they may want to just NUMBER them : Dior Homme 1, Dior Homme 2, Dior Homme 3, Dior Homme 4, etc. First they mess up the whole Miss Dior line-up, putting some sugary thing in the name of a great classic green chypre and giving the original one another name as if they were unable to think of another name. Please enjoy your classics and pay tribute to an amazing and creative era of perfumery. It’s trash. Хорошая статья! Parfums Homme - Dior Homme - Une écriture qui a tout bouleversé, qui s’est autorisée l’audace et la surprise. The notes sound kind of wimpy. 12/28/19 02:01:09 ( 64 comments The more recent incarnations have been miserable impostors. There are huge lot of underrated frags that are unknown to the most of us, so why fix yourself to Dior's iris note from 2005-2007?.. I keep on finding and buying on eBay, etc. In the blind test it was named as the most feminine perfume. This new iteration is creamy, powdery and has a high pitch due to the violet tones that are evident in the top notes. Yawn... gone are the days when a new concept would come up. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. It's like Dior actually hates its customers. no thanks... That sounds gorgeous. Lacking in the well-rounded quality that the Dior Homme Sport just oozed. Dior Homme (2020) is available in 50 and 100 ml bottles in Eau de Toilette concentration. Dior Homme, a powdery iris and woody scent for men, was introduced in the original version in 2005 and … The more I hear from Dior the more I admire Chanel. I asked the fragrance counter girl if they had the “New Dior Homme… All I care about is Dior Homme Parfum not to be discontinued. It's a weird reality - maybe they have to keep reinventing this thing over and over in order to get people to keep buying it (?) This sounds terribly boring. Découvrez tout l'univers Christian Dior. Dior Homme is all about the Iris note. And just like cinema reboots, many times the results are disappointing in plot but sometimes they still catch the public's attention anyway. Well, like with the opening notes of the new composition, I will have to overcome these years. There is not even a trace of the original Dior Homme mystery. And maybe he has no interest in fragrance. Trussardi did the same thing, they took an amazing old school fragrance and turn it into a cheap synthetic soup. If this is the spirit of the time, well, Dior, it's time to update the entire Homme line. Sad reality. DIOR HOMME, THE NEW FRAGRANCE “If you want a boxer, I will step into the ring for you. The person suggested that the picture of the guy looking down, looked like he just got up and is taking his morning leak Every time I see that picture now, I cannot unsee that inference. With the release of Dior Homme 2020, Dior ''revamped'' the Homme line and changed the bottles for Homme Intense and Parfum as well, leading to the Parfum bottles being 100ml now. Especially after the rumor mill during Twilight(where he wouldn't shower for days.) why not? According to Francois Demachy, Dior Homme 2020 "is a fragrance overdosed with carnal woody notes, and it represents a return to the basics: classic and simplicity. It smells very similar to Encre Noire by Lalique, although not as good in my opinion. Layton / Aventus 7. Beauty Almanac |. It’s about half full, let me know if you have any questions Dior homme 2020. No Iris.......Dior that's shameful. Brands now are copying and cloning each other and themselves, even the new Dior Homme ad is something reminding of Sauvage ad, with this 'night light' lit like a fire behind the bottle )) When even the most free-spirited names like Mugler and Gaultier become just another catch in the spiderweb of L'Oreal and Puig, what should we wait for from Dior as a core brand of LVMH? Or rather, Demachy's does. Will be DH original till the inventory will finish. 4. Thank you Igor. Antidote / By the Fireplace 8. A dream that has remained in the past. Perfumes: 62791 Such a man can be elegant and strict, confident and romantic. Dior Perfumer-Creator François describes Dior Homme Eau de Toilette (2020) as “a fragrance overdosed with carnal woody notes, and it represents a return to the basics: classic and … If they would have killed the original line i would understand, but that did not happen, so.. Erm, not currently available UK ???? It is attractive, but it is extremely formal as well. I do not know if it is true but would make sense and so we better understand why "all with the same name" when formulas are differents. ). I blame capitalism/corporate greed and the ever so important need to raise the top line ;). And if Homme Sport was a summer time blast of Sicilian lemon groves leading down to the salty sea breezes of a sun-bleached cove...Homme was a cozy, sexy, up-close and personal fragrance that came out in Autumn and Winter, giving me even more of a reason to want to snuggle up next to him, of an evening. Before Eau Sauvage Parfum '17 - which I thoroughly enjoy - I never came across "Elemi" within my own collection. The dry down is … Large-scale consumption is closely linked to society's values and standards. This needs to flop because obviously Dior wants to learn the hard way. Dior's ceaseless identity crisis continues. lol. Sanja is passionate about fashion and martial arts. Men's fragrances - Dior Homme - A revolutionary interpretation that is audacious and surprising. Such abasic cologne why they don't boost DHP in north America that would sell much better than these snow flakes imo! Even if there is new editions coming up, the elder ones should keep available in! Dior Homme 2020 starts with black pepper and a subtle hint of orphan bergamot. Enough already. Hi everyone, Since Dior relaunched Dior Homme (Dior Homme 2020) and maintained the beloved Dior Homme EDT with the Dior Homme Original name for the iris lovers, is there any information wether they'll do the same with Dior Homme Intense and Dior Homme Parfum … Please watch to find out all about Dior Homme 2020. Thank goodness all of my favorites are very hard to miss in Dior's range. Might be something to think of before we are bashing a company "just because". En 2020, c’est à nouveau lui qui est à l’œuvre pour ce nouveau Dior Homme, décrit par le parfumeur comme une « signature virile évidente » et qui n’a cette fois plus aucun lien olfactif avec le … Just why the confusion Dior? Perfume lovers: 588687 Dior did it with its classic Eau Sauvage, they used sauvage for their ambroxan bomb. Every brand does this (I'm not defending this, but just explaining). "orphan bergamot" is the official catch-phrase of 2020 :-) I'm laughing so hard now. All those powdery lovers should stock up on old DH cause this is just another office clone. According to the perfumer, this is a fragrance overdosed with carnal woody notes, and it represents a return to the basics: classic and simplicity. Now it’s just a flanker... of a flanker... anyways. Habdan / Tuxedo 14. Great unsugarcoated article! Or to replace it with beautiful Iris Nazarena from Aedes de Venustas - fortunately, they don't need to please 'millennials' so desperately. Himself also owned a couple of bottles of this. Ofera o senzatie moderna, abilita si lustruita … I don't care for Dior Homme so I've never paid attention to its fortunes, but even I am appalled by this. Save up to 70% off top designer fragrance brands when you shop at Perfumania. Top: bergamot, pink pepper, elemi Heart: Atlas cedar, patchouli coeur, cashmere Base: white musk, Haitian vetiver, Iso-e-Super. The Dior Homme perfume series, which is almost ten years long, is an ideal marketing concept that allows Dior to constantly release new products without inflating the budget for the development of truly new compositions, the design of bottles and packaging, and the conclusion of advertising contracts with first-rate stars. A private company sells, seeks profit, and a large company relies on mass consumption, on a large scale. Everybody wins: specially Dior wins MONEY. And as you say it is also a matter of do not launch another advertisement when the most difficult thing in art and business is to have a Name. In my opinion, the original Dior Homme, which could be called a fragrance for a close, native person, in its 2020 version turned into a fragrance for the office, club, and one-time relationships. It is clear, clean, gentle, and woody but also slightly sweet, and wears like a second skin.". HOWEVER, the dry down of this one takes Dior Homme 2020 and propels it to the front of the best men's designer fragrances. I feel ambivalent towards it, as it does not smell any different from modern day generic fragrance offerings from other big brands like Gucci/Mont Blanc etc. The new edition of the Dior Homme fragrance will be available worldwide as of February 2020. Did Francois Demachy manage to create a composition that could compete with the legendary men's fragrance and eventually replace it? For me an Iris note is a very tiring thing that adds about 5-10 years to a wearer's image and become rather burdening in an hour or so... Big mistake by Dior. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. My flanker above all this line is the homme parfume, (wich luckily came back to 2019). Vive-la-difference! The tough mind came in place of sincerity, which is so easy to be hurt. they cash in on existing names, something I do not like. Have you sampled Dior Homme 2020? Maybe they just like being cruel and confusing people. But how many years do I have to wait and face Dior Homme 2020, named so, as it seems, only out of savings on the advertising budget? Dior Homme is available as a 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette with the accompanying grooming line, now available in new packaging. I totally agree the Original Dior Homme was launched in 2005 by the genius monsieur Olivier Polge a masterpiece of a fragrance in my book! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STOCK UP ON THE ORIGINAL DIOR HOMME (2011) since that fragrance continues selling under the name of Dior Homme Original. Santal Majuscule / Reckless 12. Diadema / Prada L’Homme 13. I wore Dior Homme Parfum when some people thought it smelled of make-up. Although there will certainly be a fracas over this latest version, I have made up my mind: I think the world is ready for a Dior Homme sans iris. Also DISCONTINUE the whole EDT & EDP : just call it FRAGRANCE & abbreviate it to FRA. Later, Dior could have gradually improved the fragrance, making it more complex and worthy of the company's logo. The text itself denounces that the valuation patterns have changed. Like having two unrelated lines called "eau sauvage" and "sauvage." Free shipping . Une empreinte unique, sillage immédiatement reconnaissable d’un homme … Condition is Pre-owned. Seriously? The only mystery in this mise-en-scene is what (or who) he's looking at? Just for fun I added Dior Homme. Seriously, judging from the notes, this may be an Office clone. It's on the Dior website. They also have changed the content from 75ml to 100ml, not … Dior Homme Eau de Toilette 2020 este un parfum foarte curat, crocant, acru-proaspat si subtil, dulce, aerisit, din lemn de citrice, fara indoiala pentru barbati. the scents that I love from 20th century, so there'll be no problem to find any Dior Homme previous version as well. FU LVMH. Fragrance Reviews: 1000535 Fragrance Reviews: 1000511 Since the first iteration back in 2005, that was the most iris-heavy, especially with a strong lipstick vibe which many appreciated, myself included. Refreshingly succinct, and real. Dior Homme 2020. The fragrance is intensely woody, warm, and sensual. LVMH strikes again to please their bean counters...not customers. Dior Homme 2020 by Christian Dior is a Woody fragrance for men. $19.99. I have noticed lately a lot of brands are doing this practice. Dior Homme then, Dior Homme now. Perfumes: 62789 The Dior Homme line was always the most confusingly labeled collection - in fact , I once bought the same thing TWICE by accident. I can't say that I enjoyed the first hour of its life. And good to see the original will still be available. By Eric 18th January 2020 Woody, Citrus No Comments. Apparently it smells similar to Guerlain Homme without the mojio. "I'm your man," says Robert Pattinson, leaning probably on a table and looking down.